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Adjustable Anti-Shock Pet Car Seat Belt

Don’t believe Us?

Take a look at how our Anti-Shock Pet Seatbelt helped Oz, even when he was afraid and agitated during drives.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe While Driving

Even If They Don't Like Being in The Car...

  • How safe is your dog when he’s in the car with you?

  • You have your seatbelt on but what about your dog?

  • We buckle up our children, why are dogs any different?

There is no excuse for putting your dog in danger.

Our Adjustable Anti-Shock Pet Car Seatbelt keeps your dog safe. 

Don’t believe me?

Take a look at how this Anti-Shock Pet Seatbelt helped Oz sit still, on the back seat, even if he was afraid and agitated while being in a car.

Rachel’s Story

"Hi! I’m Rachel. 

I was asked to tell you about my experience about Oz, my 1 year-old Labrador and the Pet Shield's Adjustable Seat Belt. 

This was when Oz was only 5 months old. 

Oz was never the “sit still” type of dog. Regardless if he was inside, outside, or in the car. But especially in the car

Oz was always afraid of drives. 

I could always tell he was uncomfortable. 

Oz would tried to jump into the front seat to be close to me. 

It always scared me, especially when driving through busy traffic

 I knew I had something. I was scared to go on drives. 

I planned drives with Oz around times of the day I knew it wouldn't be busy. 

I wanted Oz to sit still but nothing worked. 

And I tried everything! Treats, toys, and even his favourite blanket. The last thing I wanted to do was put Oz in the boot and my car was too small for a cage. 

I found Pet Shield's anti-shock pet seatbelt. It was worth a go so I ordered it. Ordering was easy and delivery was quick.

I put Oz on the back seat, put his pet seat belt on, and we went for a short ride to test it.

It was a huge improvement!

Now we could drive with the windows down, before I was worried he would jump out. 

He loves having the wind blow in his face, it seems to calm him down.

I'm really happy with it and would I recommend getting a Adjustable Anti-Shock Pet Car Seatbelt for anyone with a dog.

- Rachel J, QLD.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Why every dog needs a seat belt

  • SAFETY - Your pet will be secure during drives

  • FREEDOM TO MOVE - Let your fur baby safely sit, stand, lay down or look out the window .

  • NO JUMPING TO FRONT SEATS - You can drive knowing your pet won't jump on you.

  • AVOID A FINE – Several states in Australia have started issuing $300 fines for unrestrained dogs. 

  • EASY-TO-USE – It’s just as easy to use as a normal seatbelt.

Keep your dog safe!

Can You Put A Price On Safety?

What You Get When You Order A Anti-Shock Adjustable Dog Seat Belt...

  • Your Pup's Safety

  • Peace of Mind On Car Trips

  • Calm Drives With Your Pup

  • Know Your Best Friend Is Safe

  • Fast Shipping From Sydney

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Your Order Supports Australian Jobs

Sale Off
Adjustable Anti-Shock Pet Car Seat Belt

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