About Pet Shield

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We are an online pet store dedicated to supplying you with the items you need to make life with your pooch easier!

We were founded after the founders Bella & Sofia were sick of buying dog products online that took weeks or sometimes months to arrive. We spoke to our friends and it turns out this happens all the time!

You see somethings super neat online, you buy it with your hard earned dollars and then it takes weeks or months for you to receive it. Sometimes it doesn't come at all! 

We wanted to create a store that sold high quality products, had great FREE delivery and fantastic customers service. That is how Pet Shield was born!

We strive to give you the best customer service experience. This means fast response times and fast resolutions to your issues. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to flick a message via the contact us page.

By buying from this website you are supporting a Australian small business!